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Our Story

We are highly collaborative and relentlessly positive in all that we do

and we offer a creative, streamlined publishing experience.

Our co-founders Professor Norman McLennan, Dr Minnie Lu and Julia Swales are three like-minded people that have come together and made the bold decision to establish Sea Pen Books.  They each have between them decades of complimentary senior level experience in international energy and independent publishing sectors. They share the common belief that there is a compelling requirement for new publications which capture a blended insight into all key aspects of the global energy and renewable industry and the related supporting offshore maritime sector, together with research-based, cutting-edge supply chain books.

Minnie and Norman are already accomplished authors in their own right, drawing on their substantive industry leadership experience across the numerous different business streams within the global energy sector. Julia brings a vast knowledge and experience of the publishing sector, having commissioned an impressive number of books, primarily across the academic and business sector with a focus on supply chain. 

At Sea Pen Books we believe that high quality production can be achieved with as little red tape as possible. We strive to offer a quick turnaround from manuscript submission to publication so that new research, analysis and market developments are made available for readers while still current and relevant. Transparency, bespoke and proactive support and regular open and honest communication are a central part of our business and enable us to forge strong relationships with authors. 

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Business People Talking

"The establishment of SEA PEN BOOKS is both exciting and very timely in relation to the changing energy landscape in the UK and globally."


Joanne Leng MBE

Chief Executive

Explaining a concept

"As the world goes through the largest energy transition it has ever witnessed, and begins its acceleration towards clean and renewable energy and global electrification, the need to ensure that learning and best practice is captured and shared has never been greater, and in this regard, the establishment of SEA PEN BOOKS is extremely timely and indeed very exciting!

The publication of literature and books that meaningfully blend both commercial and technical material on the emerging renewables sector and the wider energy transition, in a useable context will prove highly valuable, whether its readers be business practitioners, project deliverers or from academia.
My own 40 years of working and leading in the offshore energy sector and knowing the Directors of the new company well, convinces me that any new publications coming out of this new and exciting stable will capture a blended insight into the key aspects of the global energy and renewables industry and the related supporting offshore maritime sector."

Martin Dronfield

Owner & Director, Opergy Limited

Chief Commercial Officer, Continuum ApS

Executive Chairman of the East of England Energy Group (EEEGR)

Chairman, CPower Energy Limited

Former Non-Executive Director RenewableUK (RUK)

Former Non-Executive Director The Energy Industries Council (The EIC)

Friends Talking Outside

"Energy is fundamental to everything we do. The business focus on publishing meaningful blended commercial and technical / engineering material on the emerging renewables sector and the energy transition agenda will prove invaluable to readers whether they be business practitioners or from academia. 
The Directors of the company have set out on this venture with a clear vision of better rewarding the original authors, ensuring that more equitable value flows to the creator. Commendable; I wish them well."


John Best

(Founding CEO East of England Energy Group)

Working at home

"Never has there been a more compelling need for high quality production using modern modes of reader access which can be achieved with a little red tape as possible for the benefit of both writers and readers.
SEA PEN BOOKS are clearly striving to offer authors something different. Author transparency, bespoke and proactive marketing support, input into design, regular open and honest communication are central to this as is fast turnaround times from manuscript submission to print”.


Wendy Laverick

Wendy Laverick Art & Design

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