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Design thinking is often used as a method for conducting (research) projects. However, it is much more than that: It’s a way of looking at the world. When you once have used design thinking in a project, you will naturally become inspired by the design thinking mindset.


GETTING STARTED WITH DESIGN THINKING is 100% practical. After you became acquainted with the design thinking method in Chapter 1, you can get started right away. In Chapters 2 to 6 you will go through the phases of a design thinking process. In these chapters you will find many useful tools and practical tips. In Chapter 7 you will read how to implement your design. Chapter 8 offers you tips for writing a report about your project. This last chapter is particularly useful for students who are writing a thesis.


This book contains everything you need to know to carry out a design thinking project. At the end of each chapter, you will find exercises and a roadmap to get started with your own design. This is without a doubt the most practical book on design thinking you will read: from design thinking to design doing!


Eveline van Zeeland is a researcher, entrepreneur and author. She guides students, professionals and organizations in the use of design thinking. In GETTING STARTED WITH DESIGN THINKING Eveline doesn't just teach you to think as a designer, she also answers all those questions for which she couldn’t find the answer in other books on design thinking.

Design Thinking

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